Macon County Soil &

Water Conservation District

3342 N. President Howard Brown Blvd.            Decatur, Illinois  62521

217-877-5670 (Ext. 3)


What can we do?

 If you own or operate farmland in the Lake’s watershed:
Get a conservation plan written for your operation. Conservation planning helps operators clearly identify natural  resource concerns, and maps out ways to limit or eliminate those concerns. (Plans are written by natural resource  professionals and are completely free and voluntary!)
 Implement your plan. Take advantage of the numerous cost-share assistance programs available at the SWCD, and  start getting conservation on the ground to protect your land and the Lake.
If you live on the Lake:
Limit applying fertilizers and chemicals to your lawn at more than the recommended rate, or right before a large rain.  Excess nutrients will wash off to the Lake, and cause algae blooms.
Stabilize your shoreline! Contact the SWCD for natural and synthetic solutions to shoreline erosion.

If you live in the Lake’s watershed:
Get involved! Provide your feedback at your local subwatershed meetings.
Increase water quality by diverting downspouts away from the street, and into rain barrels or rain gardens.

Properly maintain septic systems, and have them inspected regularly.

   Why protect the Lake’s watershed?

  •  It’s our main source of drinking water!                                                    
  •  Major industries rely on the Lake’s water for day-to-day operations.                                        
  •  Conservation in the watershed increases the quality of recreational opportunities on the  Lake itself.                                                
  •  Limiting pollutants entering the Lake means less wear and tear on the Water Treatment  Plant…guarding residents against bearing the costs of repairs.​                                                                                                        

Lake Decatur serves as the main source of drinking water for over 80,000 residents of the City of Decatur and the Village of Mt. Zion. 925 square miles of East Central Illinois land drain to the Lake (making up its watershed). The Macon County Soil and Water Conservation District works with landowners in the watershed to make sure the cleanest water possible is entering the Lake.